Marketing System Smart Media Home Page Pays

The Ultimate Viral Marketing System Smart Media Home Page Pays

Any person, business, company, network marketer, affiliate or Internet marketer, non-profit organisation or fund-raiser with anything to brand or promote is going to want access to our phenomenal features:

  • Promote their product or services by giving out unlimited HPP systemsarketing System Smart Media Home Page Pays
  • Brand & promote 24/7 globally for just $30 per month!
  • Change their branding at the touch of a button with no additional cost
  • Their Free Members are rewarded for using their promotional medium
  • Provides maximum exposure and top-of-mind awareness for possibly hours each day to the same person.
    • What other form of advertising can do this?
  • Incentives for Free Members to introduce others to their branded system
    • This means your prospects are promoting your business for you and expanding your list
  • New customers will become repeat customers
  • Do traditional media allow them to engage with their customer?
    • Imagine what they could do with the built in chat system!
  • They can blast out special deals regularly using the branding or chat features
  • Constantly drive traffic to their sales pages using these features

PLUS the Astonishing New Branding Benefits in Smart Media Home Page Pays for Super Reps:

  • Unlimited websites
    • Unlimited categories
    • Unlimited sub-categories
  • Unlimited videos
    • Unlimited categories
    • Unlimited sub-categories
  • Video uploads through Smart Media servers
    • Host videos on Smart Media’s servers. Included in the monthly subscription, each Super Rep. will be able to upload a certain amount of storage space on our numerous servers.
  • Automatic Video Thumbnail Creation System
    • Smart Media’s new proprietary system automatically generates five images from your video and with the click of your mouse, you get to select which one you like the most! When your free members view your selection of videos, they will see these images beautifully laid out on your fabulous Home Page, the Home Page that Pays You. When these video thumbnail images are clicked on, your video automatically starts playing, even in high definition! (If you have uploaded an HD video).

These new super branding features will be found on the Super Content menu of the HPP Dynamic Bar, which is where your free members will spend a lot of time as it also includes the Smart points count, Smart Point Shopping and Special Games sections.

Imagine, you are a Super Rep. and you set up an account for an advertiser who wants to use our amazing new Super Branding features to brand & promote themselves, so they purchase a $400 Super Value package and also start with an advertising budget of $1,000. For a limited time, Reps will earn 50% on the sale of any advertising package (Usually 25%).

 Have  YOU Joined Smart Media Technologies.. JOIN our Indian GLOBAL TEAM AT Smart Media Technologies

The advertiser receives free advertising during this limited time offer.

As the sponsoring Super Rep. you would earn:

  • $150 Direct Bonus from the $400 Super Value Package
  • $500 from the initial $1,000 advertising budget
    • You will earn the 50% bonus as soon as the funds are cleared, even though the advertiser will not start paying for the PPC/PPI during stage 1
  • 200 points go into your 2xInfinity team tree from every Super Value package
  • 25% ongoing every time that advertiser tops up their advertising budget.

This is a fantastic way to build your network and earn this amazing upfront 50% bonus.

These new Super Branding features have made our Super Value Package even more valuable and attractive to prospects. This helps our Super Reps because they receive an amazing $150 direct bonus every time someone buys this package from their website.




Welcome To Smart Media Home Page Pays

Welcome To Smart Media Home Page Pays Blog!

My name is Sunil Salgotra Rep of Smart Media Technologies and Team Leader in India. We have a Indian Team building amongst a global marketing team in Smart Media Technologies.

You now have the opportunity to join our team for your greatest success. Smart Media gives you the opportunity to build a global business using your computer, giving away a fun product for computer users worldwide.

Throughout the Smart Media Home Page Pays blog I will be posting updates on  Smart Media Home Page Pays. Home Page Pays is the product that all Reps of Smart Media Technologies give away. That’s right!!

Smart Media Home Page Pays being the biggest social community portal giving you the best of net in an instant , online! BIG statement I know!! However you decide for yourself. Join Smart Media Home Page Pays for free and watch as this community grows in leaps and bounds.

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To  your success,

Sunil Salgotra,

Indian Team Leader Smart Media Rep