Free Members Join Home Page Pays

Free Members Join Home Page Pays

Free Member Registrations for Home Page Pays started!

Read below a very important company update on Smart Media Home Page Pays and the roll out of Smart Media Technologies exciting new product HOME PAGE PAYS – FREE for all computer users worldwide!

The following update is also important for Representatives of Smart Media Technologies.

Stage 1 of Smart Media Home Page Pays

Each stage is extremely important and none more so than Stage 1, which includes numerous benefits for all our global community.

Key points you will find in this announcement:

  • Free member registrations begin
  • Start of Free members winning prizes
    • See the previous announcement on (Smart Points, Prizes, Competitions) for full details on how we are introducing the most exciting competitions ever offered
  • Why HPP is the most valuable free member program on the Internet
  • Free Advertising for our advertisers
  • Double the money for Reps who sponsor an advertiser
    • 50% paid up-front on all advertising packages sold – starting today!
  • New features that were never promised previously
    • Top sites feature
    • Smart Chat feature
    • Smart Mail feature
    • Major enhancements to the Super Branding features
    • Your Name in Lights feature

We have 3 types of members within the Smart Media global community, each with important, yet different needs:

Each one of these Smart Media member groups needs the other in order to prosper at the highest level. When looking into the best way to roll out the Free Member registrations, we needed to ensure that we took into consideration each of these member group’s needs so they can all WIN.

Stage 1 Benefits for Free Members Join Home Page Pays

Stage 1 presents the chance for a person to try Home Page Pays for FREE with no strings attached. They just go to your website and register, like they would register to become a Free Member of Facebook.

Free Members receive access to the benefits of the HPP system:

  • Smart Library
  • My University
  • Video games
  • Free Software
  • Bargain Finder
  • Top Sites
  • New Smart Chat
    • Chat with any member (Free or Paid)
    • Chat Groups allow you to instant message multiple members within our global community at once
    • Permission-based, as with any other instant message system, with many more cool features being added
  • New Smart Mail
    • A Superior mail system to e-mail – just like email without the usual problems or spam associated with email!
    • 100% delivery of Text and Video Messages!
  • Multiple search engines
  • Random weekly prizes
    • Daily Prize Instant Win
    • Weekly Prize
    • Monthly Prize
    • See the previous announcement on (Smart Points, Prizes, Competitions) for full details on how we are introducing the most exciting competitions ever offered


Smart Media already has the most valuable Free Member program available on the Internet and the good news is that it will only get better… the features listed above are just the beginning!

Our intention is that each week, month and year we will continue to amaze our members.

Stage 1 Benefit for Advertisers

FREE advertising!

Yes, we are offering our current advertisers and any new advertisers the chance to advertise their products or services to our global network for FREE now and during Stage 1.

We have more advertisers today than we have ever had before and many more standing by.

This promotion is all about giving a powerful benefit to our advertisers along with an extremely profitable income stream for our Reps that no other company in the direct sales industry has.

We are giving our reps this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish ongoing relationships with some of the millions of people and companies that will be advertising through the global Smart Media advertisements system in the future.

This also gives our members the ability to earn a considerable amount of money as they receive 50% (double the usual bonus) on the sale of every advertisement package that they refer during this limited time offer.

Our Reps can help advertisers set up an advertising account by first helping them purchase one of our product packages:

$125 Basic package – $200 Standard package – $400 Super Value package.

Remember, each package includes the rights to give away an unlimited number of free memberships. This means, while the advertiser is advertising to our members, they can also use our free member system to enhance their relationships with current customers and use the system to expand their list like nothing else available on the Internet.

Also the Super Value Package includes all the brand new super branding features that advertisers are going to love!

The advertiser logs into their back office and purchases one of our advertising packages starting for as little as $100 up to $10,000 and you receive a 50% bonus on the initial purchase for referring the advertiser along with 25% bonus every time they top up their advertising budget.

During Stage 1, the advertiser will receive FREE advertising!

Any clicks or impressions on their advertising banners will not be deducted. Their advertising banner will be seen by our members at NO COST to the advertiser.

Stage 1 Benefits for Representatives of Smart Media Technologies

As a Rep., Stage 1 offers you an opportunity to earn from a powerful residual income source, while expanding your Free Member and Representative networks and it gets even better.

We are Doubling the Advertising Direct Bonus in Stage 1!!

  • The sponsor will receive 50% up-front on all advertising packages purchased starting today. We are not waiting for Stage 1; we decided to offer you the chance to start earning double the money now and right through Stage 1.

You can offer any person who has a product or service to advertise, the opportunity to receive FREE advertising. This is a unique selling point that provides a reason for the advertiser to set up an account immediately so their banner advertisement can be seen by our global network of members for free.

Imagine, you are a Super Rep. and you set up an account for an advertiser who wants to use our new Super Branding features to brand & promote themselves, so they purchase a $400 Super Value package and also start with an advertising budget of $1,000.

As the sponsoring Super Rep. you would earn:

  • $150 Direct Bonus from the $400 Super Value Package
  • $500 from the initial $1,000 advertising budget
    • You will earn the 50% bonus as soon as the funds are cleared, even though the advertiser will not start paying for the PPC/PPI during stage 1
  • 200 points goes into your 2xInfinity team tree from every Super Value package
  • 25% ongoing every time that advertiser tops up their advertising budget.

This is a fantastic way to build your network and earn this amazing upfront 50% bonus.

Additional Rep benefits during Stage 1:

  • Our Reps will be able to expand their Free Member network
  • We will have an exciting website that sells the Free Member benefits to your visitors
  • Super Branding features available for Super Reps
  • Text & Video broadcast messages
  • Reps can use the “Your Name in Lights” feature on their HPP website
  • The system will introduce your Free Members to all the additional benefits of becoming a Rep.
    • This provides our Reps with the ultimate system where you just send someone to a website and the system does the selling for you

We had to find a way to be able to offer all of these fantastic benefits in Stage 1 and by offering free advertising so the advertisers do not pay for any clicks or impressions on their advertising banners, we have come up with a master marketing strategy.

Smart Media is planning for long-term success and to achieve this, we always need to be looking at how we can support all our community groups. Offering this terrific deal to advertisers makes our current advertisers happy and will also attract other advertisers who may otherwise have waited until we expanded our free member network into the millions before becoming involved. It is a great opportunity to invite advertisers to be part of our community now.

Due to the free advertising, Free Members and Reps will NOT earn from the PPC/PPI income source until the Stage 3 release; a very small price to pay when you take into account all the benefits. We had to provide the programmers with time to get everything set up for this amazing offer and also not delay the release of Stage 1.

Some people have been spreading rumours that we are not going to have the PPC/PPI income.

This is so far off the mark it is laughable. We have spent millions of dollars on the best PPC/PPI technology in the world, so why would we do this and then not use it! We have no idea what are the motives for these rumours but we only can guess that they might be a little afraid of all the business and excitement that is about to come our way. We can guarantee that we will be turning the PPC/PPI income ON for our Reps and Free Members.

Those Reps whose primary goal might be to earn from the PPC/PPI income stream, have the opportunity to grow their Free Member network now with all of the exciting things being offered and create leverage for their future.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Prize Competitions

These offer instant results to your free members and they are encouraged to come back every day to click each prize box. The excitement will spread across the Internet world. The social networks will be a buzz of activity as the news goes out about the Home Page Pays competitions. The great news for you is that it is only the very beginning and we are only going to get better and better. It is important to remember we never promised this system in the first place and yet now we have it!

Imagine you register Free Members and some of them give away the HPP system to their friends, thus expanding your Free Member network. You could have hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands or even more Free Members when we turn on the PPC/PPI income!

Even though you will not earn PPC/PPI income right now, the work you do during these stages will create leverage, so once it is turned on, this one income stream alone can give you a phenomenal ongoing income FOREVER!

Also, with our Free Member education system, a good percentage of your Free Members are likely to upgrade to a Rep. and you will earn from even more income streams!

Let’s not forget the advertisers who will want to take advantage of the FREE advertising. As the sponsor, you are paid double the money on every advertising package. There is no other system like this in the world.

This is a WIN/WIN situation and provides a solid foundation to ensure long-term prosperity for all members within our community. What a fabulous way to kick-start 2012 and YOU have every reason to get into action by telling everyone you know about Home Page Pays and the unique Dynamic Bar.

This is just the very beginning of Smart Media Home Page Pays!!! So Free members join Home Page Pays TODAY!