Free Member Home Page Pays Wins Acer Netbook!

Congratulations Stephen Curtiss, Winner of a brand new Acer NetBook from Smart Media!

Free Member Home Page Pays Wins Acer Netbook As you probably know by now, we have Daily, Weekly and Monthly prize draws in which our Free Members can participate in at Smart Media Home Page Pays. JOIN AS A FREE MEMBER TODAY AT HOME PAGE PAYS.

The winner of our first New Acer NetBook at Smart Media Home Page Pays portal is: Stephen Curtiss of Compton California

Acer Netbook features a 10.1″ Acer CrystalBrite LED display, a Dual-Core processor and Windows 7.

Won’t they be grateful to you if you are the one who told them about Smart Media Home Page Pays!

Stephen Curtiss is currently being contacted by our support staff to congratulate him on his winning.

He has 24 hours to respond to our request. Per the contest rules, if Stephen Curtiss from Compton California does not respond within 24 hours then the full Acer Netbook prize will given to the next randomly drawn free user which was Sachin Gupta of Bangalore INDIA!

How the system works and who is qualified to win:

Smart Media’s Prize system was designed to allow the people who you refer to Home Page Pays to win prizes and Smart Points for free as part of the Home Page Pays bonus program. No purchase is ever required and unlike many prize programs, no purchase is even possible with HPP! For example, with certain soda companies the Prize Entries are normally received when a purchase is made. However, with Home Page Pays, no purchase is ever made and everything is truly free.

All of this is done for You as the member. Imagine the marketing and promotional power this gives you!
As the new Home Page Pays video says as it describes all the fabulous benefits that HPP gives, “it’s not just free, it’s better than that!”

Smart Points and Prize Entries are different and individuals easily receive both! Yes, it’s a dual benefit.

If you have been attending the Smart Media Webinars then you already know many exciting things that members will be able to do with their Smart Points.

The system looks at the number of free Prize Entries that each individual has and makes a random selection of the winners.

Each winner is contacted by Smart Media’s support staff given 24 hours to respond back and claim their prize.

Then Smart Media, at its cost, ships the prize to the winner, regardless of where they are in the world.

(We know the City and State of the member thanks to our exclusive Geographical IP Detection System so they just need to supply their exact address). If the first winner does not respond back within 24 hours to claim his or her free prize (in this case, a new Acer Netbook) then a second winner is selected.

The Big Question:

Who will be our winner next month? Who will be Smart Media’s winner next week?

Next Week’s winner will be announced on the 6th of February 2012.

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